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Cooking 101: New Marquette classes aim to raise students' kitchen GPA

April 27, 2018

Check out the article featuring Innovation Kitchen in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! Learn all about how we teach students to use fresh ingredients, spices, and a whole host of other ingredients that they may have previously shied away from. In addition to new ingredients, students also have the opportunity to learn how to make from food from other cultures. It is an all around great experience that we can't wait to share with you!

Pop-ups create extra dining buzz at Marquette

October 03, 2017

One shot deal concepts ranging from freshly smoked barbecue and a ramen bar to a French creperie crop up in different venues at different dayparts to keep monotony at bay on campus.

Mindful Dining Location

October 07, 2017

Straz Dining Hall, located in Straz Tower, is a Mindful-specific dining hall that focues on healthy meal options. Straz is a Gold-certified Mindful dining hall, the only one in the region.