Scavenger Hunt

Time: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Location: Campus

  • WHEN? First two weeks of the Semester (August 26th - September 9th)
  • WHERE? All dining locations on campus. All dining locations are allowed to distribute punch holes (including Bite App and MyDtx punch holes). Tory Hill is a bonus optional punch but highly recommended to check out!
  • WHO? Any Marquette student!
  • PRIZE? Free unlimited meal plan for a year

Learn how to navigate Marquette University's Dining Plan! Through this Scavenger Hunt, students will be able to learn what is offered at each of our dining locations and what is included within their meal plan! The Scavenger Hunt will begin on August 26th (the first Monday of classes) and continue on to September 9th. Students living in resident halls will be provided a punch card but if a card is misplaced or upperclassmen are interested in participating, cards will be available at the cashiers of all resident dinging locations and Marquette Place. Once a student completes the Scavenger Hunt they can turn in their punch cards to any of the participating locations cashiers with their information filled out on the back.

Where do we receive and return a card? If you’re living in resident halls, your card should have been placed in your dorm room when you moved in. If you are an upperclassman or have misplaced your card, cards will be available at the cashiers in Cobeen, the Commons, Marquette Place, Schroeder, and Straz dining halls. Once you have received all punches, you can submit your card at the Commons cashier with the information on the back of your card filled out! How will the winner be chosen? After the two weeks are over, we will randomly select a winner from all the contestants who have received all their punches!


  1. With its CITYSCAPES promotion, this dining hall brings flavor of 12 major North American cities. “Chicken parm” is the staple meal of this location, but it offers so much more!  

  2. 1 of 3 All You Care to Eat locations, this versatile dining hall is packed with offerings. With a Simple Servings station, a barbeque station, and stir fry being a few highlights, a dining hall of this quality is quite rare to find, contrary to its name  

  3. This location is focused on serving Mindful meals, which are healthier alternatives to other offerings. This is 1 of 3 buffet-style locations, and it shares its names with the business building  

  4. Situated right next to Carpenter Tower, this dining hall is 1 of 3 with an All You Care to Eat concept. It has standard dining hall offerings, and it offers pizza and pasta every day for lunch and dinner. It also has a Simple Servings station

  5. It’s THE Brew. Located in the heart of campus in Alumni Memorial Union, this is a popular study spot  

  6. Despite being in the business building, the prices aren’t negotiable 

  7. To get coffee here, you have to bring your own mug. Refuel here when you’re hitting the books!  

  8. You don’t have to be a mathematician to get coffee from here, but you might have to look extra carefully to find it!  

  9. The only Brew location to serve homemade soup every day. This is the westernmost Brew!  

  10. Burritos, nachos, tacos, and taco salad are the specialties of this dining location  

  11. Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, this location satisfies the grill master in all of us!  

  12. Other than just serving soups, this location will now be serving pasta after 4pm on weekdays 

  13. As the premier salad destination on campus, this location caters to diners who love their greens!  

  14. A sandwich shop with vegan and gluten free options? It’s right here on campus, and it’s a popular spot for lunch!  

  15. Together these brothers provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students seeking a circular snack  

  16. Freshly prepared meals include breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of soups & salads. Comparable to Panera Bread! 

  17. The fine dining location of Marquette which offers unique culinary experiences with chefs, Dining Dollars, MU Cash, or regular cash accepted. Lunch served on weekdays!  

  18. Cheer on your favorite sports teams here with some wings or a wrap! Two meal swipes can be used here per week! 

  19. This service allows you to stay completely up to date on Marquette Dining Services events. Text MU eats to 82257 and show the return text  to an cashier for a punch

  20. Download the BITE App (Bite by Sodexo) in the Apple Store or Android Marketplace and show any cashier. Now you have access to every menu on campus, can upload nutritional information to your fit bit and more.