Local Initiatives

OZZI Machine

Marquette University, the Marquette University Student Government (MUSG), and Sodexo have aprtnered to offer Ozzi resuable containers on the marquette campus. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of to-go container waste, as well as to reduce the amount of waste that is going to the alndfill. The containers are being provided for free to resdience hall students are are avaialbel toe veryone else for $5.00. Those who do not use an Ozzi container and request a traditional to-go container, are chared a $0.50 sustainability fee. The program has worked very well to date and diverted more than 150,000 to-go containers from the landfill during its first year on campus. We encourage you to be part of the effot to reduce waste and welcome you to Marquette University!

Sustainable Seafood

Sodexo is committed to ensuring healthy fish stocks are on the menu for many years. This commitment will help our health, our global communities and our environment. Fish is an important part of healthy diets and constitutes 17% of the global population’s protein intake. Fish and seafood also support the livelihoods of 10-12% of the world’s population, most of them in the developing world. Many of the global marine fish stocks today are threatened or depleted, making the way we source seafood critically important to the health of the ocean and the survival of marine fish stocks.


We are proud partner with Compost Crusader on their Campus Kitchens Project to help our sustainability initiative at Marquette. Through composting, students learn to pay attention to their waste, bringing consciousness and ecological thinking into the lunchroom. Compost Crusader provides composting service to many area schools already with great results.  As students become conscious of their waste stream, regular recycling increases tremendously through the cafeteria compost program.  Marquette University is a great example of how to implement and sustain a compost program. Last year was a great success for Marquette. The composting program rolled out at seven locations on campus in the fall. The composting effort remained strong, with no decline in usage later in the year after the novelty and excitement wore off. Approximately one ton of material was diverted from landfills per week across 7 locations.