By protecting and improving our environment, the communities where we do business and the students we serve, Sodexo makes every day a better day and every tomorrow a better tomorrow.

About Us

Marquette campus dining services is a proud member of the Global Sodexo family; providers of Quality of Life Solutions for the partners we serve.   Quality of Life in education means an environment where students of all ages take pride in achieving academic honors, completing homework, essays or their dissertations, and excelling in sports and activities. Quality of Life means a community where students, faculty and staff readily share ideas, enjoy learning and have a sense of belonging. It means healthier and more satisfying meals – meals that provide students the energy they need during class, sporting activities and all the busy happenings of the day. Quality of Life involves a partner with a strong commitment to the community through sustainable, forward-thinking innovations.

By focusing on Quality of Life Services, we reinforce the overall experience of campus life, which in turn improves our partners’ effectiveness and performance.  Each student’s experience is at the core of our work. With that approach, our offers are built with a focus on innovation, excellent service, environmental focus, support for wellness and insights into student trends. Those are the building blocks to create truly exceptional student experiences.

Health and Wellness 

Nutrition is a key part of our foodservice operation.  Menus are developed by top chefs and dieticians to deliver flavor, texture, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients demanded by a discerning customer.  As a global company we have developed an immense culinary knowledge base by utilizing the talents of the chefs we employ world-wide.  As students’ tastes and preferences expand, we are uniquely situated to deliver this variety in a nutritious and cost effective way.  

Marquette Dining Services is expanding a new Sodexo Health and Wellness initiative.  It’s called Mindful.  The Mindful concept was developed as a way to select menu items identified as part of the Mindful family, and be confident that every item is nutritious and will not exceed the calorie, fat, trans fat and sodium maximums established as part of a healthy diet.  For busy college students, selecting Mindful offerings means they are making smart food choices.  Learn more about our Mindful program here

Environmental Focus

Being a good steward of the Earth is a commitment we take seriously at Sodexo and Marquette University.  Decreasing waste is one area where we can all significantly impact this mission.  Waste comes in many forms:  wasted food; items selected and not eaten, wasted water; inefficient dish washing systems, wasted materials; increased trash.  To read more about how we are locally addressing waste click here.

Customer Service

Addressing the needs of our customers and consumers is something we focus on every day.  In fact, providing excellent customer service is so important to us that we created The Sodexo Experience, a front-line employee award program.  The program is simple.  We defined excellent customer service as eight simple things that our employees need to do every day.  Each week our management team looks to ‘catch employees doing something right’.  These employees are entered into a contest to determine whose actions most reflect our commitment to providing great customer service. The winning employee earns the recognition of their peers, as well as a cash prize.

The Sodexo Experience expands beyond the unit level.  Each month we celebrate a District, Regional and one National Sodexo Experience winner.  This year one of our employees was voted the National Sodexo Experience winner.  This award was earned by aiding a visually impaired student in navigating the dining hall.  She described the food choices, answered any questions, and helped her carry her meal back to her table.  This was done every day, all through her own initiative.  This is just one example of the fine people that make up our front-line team.


Continual improvement is something we strive to achieve.  New products, events, promotions, and offerings help us deliver an outstanding customer experience.  What follows are just a few of the most recent innovations brought to the Marquette campus.

Simple Servings

We have always strived to provide options for those students with food allergies, by offering to prepare a meal that will meet a student's specific needs. While this policy was appreciated by students and their parents, what students really wanted was the ability to walk up, and have an allergen free meal waiting for them. A meal they could enjoy quickly and with their friends.  That spurred Simple Servings – a program that features meals made without the eight most common food allergens.  Students can now select the daily simple servings offering and know that their meal is freshly prepared, allergen free (eight most common food allergies), ready and waiting for them to enjoy.  The feedback on the program has been extremely positive.


This is a Mobile Loyalty App that rewards customers for choosing to dine with us at our retail locations.  Each time a meal is purchased, the customer earns a scan.  Scans can be saved and redeemed for free food.  This program has been rolled out at Tory Hill Café and Marquette Place.  We look forward to expanding Qbot to additional locations.

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